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    App based on recording 1sec clips, combining into compilations and sharing via Elly platform or other social media.
    By hansji 2 years ago


    Elly is social app based on recording 1sec clips, combining them into longer compilations and sharing via our platform or other social media profiles (FB, G+, Twitter).

    You should consider this 1sec clip not as a short movie, rather as an extended picture with motion / sound and we are indeed interesting alternative for regular photos.

    Elly allows user to create compilations not only from collection of his second but also from clips of his friends. This way he can compile i.e. clips from summer trip with bunch of friends (where everyone is recording), add some music, screen filters, hashtags and mark them to have an unique and entertaining souvenir from vacation.

    Also he can check how are people all around the world doing. Thanks to advanced filters and hashtags user is able to see for example clips and compilations from surfing on Bali or New Year celebration in Sydney – as online stream!

    We’ve build Elly to give people new and amazing way to save their memories. The idea came up in Jan 2014, team was formed a month later (8 people in total) and in Mar 2014 we’ve been already incorporated (Delaware, U.S. but we are all located in Poland). After 9 months of working on the project (often after hours) we launched in Jan 2015. Right now we are collecting feedback from first users and prioritizing most demand features focusing exclusively on iOS app.