Hansji continues to grow under a second generation of family management.

We value relationships. Period.


Our customers, employees, financial partners, associates, and fellow community members are the foundation of our success. Hansji is committed to continue operating under the integrity, professionalism and team atmosphere that has made us successful during our long history.


Our long standing history in commercial real estate has given us the opportunity to diversify and research other vertical markets for greater opportunities. We hold fast to the belief that it is the people we work with, engage and partner that allow us greater opportunities to succeed in new markets globally.

Our History

In 1974, Shirish Hansji bought the 26-room Hacienda Motel. He never looked back.

Since then, Hansji Corporation has become an award-winning real estate developer specializing in prime assets in top markets. For over 40 years, our company has earned operator and developer rights from top brands such as Hilton and Marriott, winning awards for excellence from each.


With patience and an eye for smart acquisitions, Hansji Corporation continues to grow in the real estate sector and has expanded globally.


Today, under Rajan Hansji’s leadership, our portfolio has further expanded and diversified into other alternate investments including life sciences and technology.

Our story continues…

Our Principles

We believe that our company’s success will always be tied to our ability to foster a nurturing, innovative and transparent culture.

It’s imperative that every team member believes that with Hansji, they’ll receive the support they need.

To create this positive working environment, we follow Hansji’s guiding principles:

  • Treat each other and everyone with whom we come in contact with fairness and respect

  • Encourage participation with open, constructive dialogue

  • Empower our team members to learn, grow and innovate

  • Be accountable for our actions and commitments

Community Involvement & Giving Back

These principles extend outside our office walls. Hansji is proud to support local communities including non-profit organizations such Olive Crest and The Cambodian Family.

Hansji continues it commitment to philanthropy. Through both volunteer and financial participation, Hansji has been involved in various projects in areas including education, mentoring, medical camps, and food projects. Relating to education, funding has been provided for the creation of a boarding school system within India for the underprivileged, offering free education and board for children in grades first through high school.

Our mission, stated simply: Love All, Serve All.

“The true goal of human activity is the creation of a worldwide community of awakened and intellectually creative persons, related by mutual insight, and by the common task of fulfilling the potentiality of the human spirit on earth.” – Olaf Stapledon