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Our commitment to environmental and social responsibility shines through our adopted principles and our contribution to both local and global communities. We recognize that the opportunities we create for others generates a nurturing culture from which everyone benefits. Through both volunteer and financial participation, our dedication to humanitarian causes stands witness to our mission: Love All, Serve All.  

“The true goal of human activity is the creation of a worldwide community of awakened and intellectually creative persons, related by mutual insight, and by the common task of fulfilling the potentiality of the human spirit on earth.”

– Olaf Stapledon

The Ganga Hansji Foundation

Having made significant contributions to less fortunate communities since its establishment, the Hansji family founded The Ganga Hansji Foundation in 2015 to focus their philanthropic efforts on certain areas. Helping children in need has been one of the key priorities for the foundation, who have contributed to the cause through both volunteer and financial aid. 


The foundation has worked closely with a variety of non-profit organizations, such as Olive Crest and The Cambodian Family, as part of their efforts to improve the local quality of life. Their work has included the development of four new schools in India, making education more accessible for those less fortunate. New classrooms, boarding, and food facilities have been established and funded to ensure that these children don’t miss out on vital education, nutrition or medical care.  


Various other mentoring, food, education and medical projects have been founded and funded as part of the foundation’s commitment to giving underprivileged children a fairer start in life.

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