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Since our establishment in 1974, we’ve worked with a wide variety of industries and asset classes, the most prominent of which are the hospitality, retail and office sectors. We’ve been a key player in the hospitality industry in particular, having partnered with leading names such a Hilton and Marriott, and winning awards for excellence from each. 


More recently, we’ve increased our commitment to the advancement of molecular biology and biotechnology. Our work with Vascular Medcure has resulted in the development of simple solutions that improve quality of life on a global scale.


Our latest project, Terra Vi, offers clients the opportunity to immerse themselves in a holistic experience with nature. Fusing our hospitality expertise with our passion for life sciences, this new venture embodies our company’s three core values: adventure, wellness and sustainability. 

Current Featured Investments

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Hospitality + Real Estate

Our early stage investments in hotels and commercial business space have been integral to the meteoric growth of our company over the past 45 years. Having partnered with huge industry names like Hilton and Marriott, our efforts have solidified our place as a key player in major west coast hospitality markets. We have been awarded distinctions such as Hilton’s Doubletree Developer of the Year award, their prestigious Connie Award, and Marriott’s Developer of the Year award.


Commercial real estate has also played a huge role in our success in more recent years. Previous investments have included the refurbishment of the iconic Luhrs building in Downtown Phoenix, a variety of developments in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, and other successful mixed-use commercial developments in India.

Terra Vi Nature Lodge


As a company, we believe it is our responsibility to promote wellness and sustainability through our work. This new venture is representative of a holistic approach to health, improving a person’s overall sense of wellbeing through an adventurous and immersive experience in nature. 


Terra Vi offers clients an opportunity to explore some of the world’s most iconic locations, take counsel from the earth, and nurture stronger connections within their community and themselves.  This investment represents a fusion of our hospitality expertise and commitment to improving the lives of others. Terra Vi will  promote holistic wellness through sustainable practices, conservation and environmental education. 


Life Sciences


A commitment to improve the quality of life of others is integral to everything we do. Our early stage investments in companies like Vascular Medcure have resulted in cutting edge developments like The CAPERE® Thrombectomy System. Such groundbreaking technological advances in biotechnology can simultaneously improve a patient’s standard of life while providing further protection during medical procedures. 


We believe in the power of technology to reshape industries, drive progress, and unlock unprecedented opportunities. Tech investments aren't just about financial gains; they're about shaping the future --- evolution of industries, driving innovation, and contributing to the progress of society.

Past Featured Investments

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