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Over the past 45 years, we’ve engaged with a variety of industries, made hundreds of investments and forged thousands of strong working relationships. Though our engagements have been diverse, one sentiment summarizes everything: love all, serve all.

Our clients, employees, financial partners, associates and local communities have helped lay the foundations of our success. A long-standing history in commercial real estate, hospitality and life science has given us the opportunity to build incredible relationships and diversify our opportunities. It is this diversification that has enabled us to access and thrive in the international market, and it is representative of everything our company stands for.

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the team


Today, the Hansji Corporation is one of the world's leading developers, specializing in prime assets in top vertical markets. We’ve earned both operator and developer rights from some of the biggest names in hospitality, including Hilton and Marriott, subsequently winning awards for excellence from each.

Our patience and keen eye for intelligent acquisitions has enabled us to excel in the commercial real estate sector, both locally and globally.

Shirish Hansji first purchased the 26-room Hacienda Motel 1974, marking the beginning of a 45 year journey through real estate development.

Today, under Rajan Hansji’s leadership, our portfolio has expanded even further, diversifying into alternate investments including life sciences and technology. Our dedication to human advancement and improving the quality of life of others has most recently prompted the founding of Terra Vi - a nature-inspired brand that promotes wellness through holistic connection and education.

Our vision for the coming years is to strengthen our positive impact on the worlds of hospitality and life sciences, and reinforce our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance practices.


There are a number of guiding principles that drive our operations, our culture, and our success as a company. Although the typical goal for any for-profit company is to maximize return on investment, we are also committed to having a positive social impact on our community, our colleagues and our clients.


Though we've enjoyed international success, we’re still a family business at heart, conducting our business with integrity, ethics and respect at all times. Providing support and ensuring the satisfaction of our associates, business partners and internal teams is our number one priority. We believe that this dedication to fairness, innovation, accountability and development is the main driver of our financial and moral success.

we are a family business at heart

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